Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Green Lights

I feel that before I start anything I need to share this with you :

I think I have decided that this might possibly, and I am hesitant to say it, be my favourite song ever. I know what you're thinking: BIG CLAIM. But why can't I make that claim? If it isn't my favourite song then it is clearly the coolest song ever made. It drips cool. Just everything about it is perfect. The bass line. The synth. The guitar. The drums. They are all just perfectly constructed. And while he will never be regarded as the greatest singer, I think that his vocals are just brilliant. I don't think you need to have a good voice, in the traditional sense, to be a great singer. Look at Julian Casablancas or Bob Dylan. Both of them have bad voices but they are amazing singers. I always find it quite hard to accept that not everyone agrees with me about this song. If you don't like it then, you know, that's fine. We are allowed to have different opinions. I just probably won't be your friend.

Jesus that last post was shite. Let's hope this blog improves. If you have decided to quit already, I don't blame you at all. However, that is now two blogs in only a few minutes. I am flying.

Am I doing this right?

Well hi there,

Ok so I am pretty late to this thing. I'm not sure whether I even want to do this. It does seem terribly self-indulgent. But is that ok? Is one allowed to be self-indulgent once in a while? I'm not sure.

So, yeah, I have always fancied doing a blog. I like writing but I'm not very good at it. I have a few friends who blog and they all write really well which has often dissuaded me from starting one as I really can't compete. I figured that if I was ever to have a blog there should be theme rather just me writing about me because no one cares about the mostly mundane thoughts that run through my head.

So I have been wondering over a theme. I have been trying to think what I could write about that people might possibly be interested in. I considered sport but would people really read a sports blog? I also like music. Not all of it. Some of it. But that 'some of it' I do like a lot. I think it's probably the only subject on which I might have something vaguely interesting to say. Basically, there are some artists that I really want people to hear. In the last couple of years I have become pretty disillusioned with the music scene, particularly in the UK. Few new bands have excited me. But just recently, in the last couple of months, there have been a few bands who have encouraged me that perhaps the scene is about to turn the corner. And they have encouraged me to start this blog and spread the word.

Anyways...that's the plan. Perhaps this will be the first and last blog I ever do. Perhaps I will go on to become the most famous blogger the world has ever seen. I suppose that is what makes this fun...

P.S. Of course my name isn't really Creedence. But I like being mysterious and pretentious. I like the idea of people being like, 'who is this Creedence guy? He is a blog-master.'